B2B Marketing Communications


Great communications have the power to create emotions and influence people.  It’s what drives our work with both high-profile brands and smaller, innovative start-ups.


Let us help share your vision or strategy. Promote your products or services. Or attract online audiences with compelling stories.

Speeches & Presentations

Engaging audiences with your vision

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  Print & Direct Mail

Tactile and personal it creates an impression

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Dynamic content that engages visitors

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Social Media & YouTube

Soundbites and stories to build your brand

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  Webinars & Video

Captivate your audience wherever they are

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Value Propositions & Campaign Themes

Memorable messages with stickiness

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What people say

You’ve helped change the mindset of our network and been instrumental in helping us on the journey from dealer to retailer.

BMW Group SA

Their knowledge of our business is excellent which means we can work faster and more productively together.

John Deere Advertising Agency, John Deere GmbH

You really understand the process and have taken time to build relationships with key stakeholders.

Connection Services, UK Power Networks

About Us

True North was founded by Dr Andrew Hempleman. A former research chemist, he realised businesses shared similarities with the scientific community. Better collaboration produced better results. And faster.

Bringing together people with different skills, True North develops great content to help businesses deliver their marketing and sales messaging.

A speech is the most direct way to connect with a live audience.  It isn’t just about what you are saying but who you are.


We’ll build a compelling narrative, craft your words and create stunning media that reinforces your messaging. Then we’ll work with you to hone your delivery to perfection.

Print still has an important place in a digital world.  There is nothing quite like sitting down and reading high quality stories or poring over beautiful photography.


We’ll combine stunning design and powerful words to take people on a journey through your product or service that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you choose a modular or bespoke design, what differentiates your website will be its content and ease of navigation.


We’ll work with you to develop compelling content that drives traffic to your site with logical layouts that increase dwell time and click throughs.

Social Media is a great way to target like-minded people and build communities with regular postings.


Developing interesting campaign content that drives views, likes and traffic to your website is one of our core skills. From launches and competitions to brand stories we’ll help you build awareness and loyalty.

Live webinars, business television or simple pre-recorded video are a great way to connect with audiences in different locations or communities such as customers who don’t have time to travel.


We understand the power of visual media and can help you design the right format for your audience with multi-media support and audience participation.

Connect to more…Let’s get fruity!…Delivering electricity to your door.   Time is precious and people need short statements to catch their eye before diving deeper.


We’ll interrogate your product and service to find what’s at the very core. Then we’ll capture that essence in a short, simple statement.