What we can do for you

Audits and Surveys

Find out what your people are really thinking. What they want. And how best to deliver it.

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Intranets and Microsites

Get the right technology solution to harness the power of your organisation’s community.

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Events and Experiences

Change people’s behaviour through thought provoking, fun activities and learning by doing.

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Campaigns and Propositions

Grab your people’s attention through the combination of a powerful slogan and imagery.

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Print and Digital

Use the best of the analogue and digital worlds to deliver your message. And make it stick.

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Video and Webcasts

Use the power of the moving image for better engagement and instant feedback.

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What people say

You’ve helped change the mindset of our network and been instrumental in helping us on the journey from dealer to retailer.

BMW Group SA

Their knowledge of our business is excellent which means we can work faster and more productively together.

John Deere Advertising Agency, John Deere GmbH

You really understand the process and have taken time to build relationships with key stakeholders.

Connection Services, UK Power Networks

About Us

True North was founded by Dr Andrew Hempleman. An ex-research chemist with a long list of scientific publications he realised businesses shared similarities with the scientific community. Better collaboration produced better results. And faster.

The name True North was inspired by Andrew’s grandfather, Henry Hempleman, a master mariner. Only by applying a correction from the magnetic north shown on a compass could true north be found – and the correct direction of travel. That’s what we do as a business. We help guide your organisation from its current position to where you really want to be.

We’ll find out what your people are really thinking

It’s always worthwhile checking where you’re coming from before you go on a journey. We recommend carrying out a deep dive into your organisation with one on one interviews or workshops to get under the skin and find out what really matters to people ahead of any major campaign or intranet redesign. It’ll save you time and money in the long run with more relevant, targeted content that hits the spot.

Online survey tools are also a great way to take the temperature of your organisation. Pulse surveys with a small select group or regular tracking studies throughout a transformation project will help you fine-tune your message delivery and improve engagement.

We’ll help you choose the right technology

Bloomfire, Igloo, Jive, OrchidNet, Podio and Sharepoint – the list of intranet software is growing all the time. There are even specialist applications like Directorpoint for C-suite collaboration and Gatekeeper for vendor communities. But don’t worry, we can help guide you through the options to get the best fit for your organisation.

True North is independent of any software provider. We’ll look at where you’re heading, what are the specific requirements of your community, your existing IT set-up and your budget. Even if it means building a bespoke microsite, we’re talking days not months. What’s important is what you do with it and how it helps your organisation to grow.

We’ll bring your people together and deliver lasting change

Sometimes nothing beats getting people together to share experiences, network and celebrate success. It can be an opportunity for senior executives to engage with employees, share a vision of the organisation’s future and create change in people’s behaviour through learning by doing. And, to be completely honest, on the odd occasion an excuse to have a great party.

From small workshops to gain insights from within the organisation and test campaign strategies, right through to large multi-speaker conventions, live events have the emotional edge online activities simply cannot deliver. We’ll help you design your event and produce and deliver the creative content ensuring a ‘red thread’ runs through everything.

We’ll give your message a turbo-charged boost

‘Squeeze it!’… ’Let’s get fruity’… ‘Enabling you to make the right decision’… these are just a few of the compelling propositions we’ve created to give campaign messages a boost.

With time an increasingly precious commodity in people’s day, campaigns are a great way to get short-term focus on a specific initiative and create a real buzz throughout the organisation. We’ve helped increase customer service, deliver improved loyalty and launch new company strategies through a mix of digital, print and location based events. By building in the right metrics and monitoring tools it’s easy to assess the effectiveness of different channels and propositions to build even greater effectiveness for the future.

We’ll combine the best of the analogue and digital worlds

Nothing can beat well-crafted and executed print. It’s interactive. Tactile. And requires no batteries or wireless signal! Perfect as a leave behind, a takeaway to share with others or even a fun game, print can prove a real winner when it comes to getting your message across. We’ve designed and printed everything from company values to interactive wall boards and even face masks for role playing.

When you integrate print with the easily editable, fast production times and rapid distribution of digital you create a powerful combination with the added benefits of multi-site collaboration, microblogging and other social media tools. All supported by dynamic monitoring and user analytics to measure effectiveness.

We’ll bring your messages to life

It’s no coincidence YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Video is the medium of choice for communications and it works perfectly on mobile devices. You’ll also get valuable feedback on engagement: track views, encourage comments and if it’s a webcast there’s nothing better than live feedback.

We’ve created 100s of programmes for the likes of Accenture, BAA, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, PwC, Shell and Volvo. From training modules to company announcements and multi-site broadcasts spanning different continents and time zones, we can pretty much do anything. If senior management are unable to travel we can even set up a studio on-site in your offices or at a specific location.