Let’s get fruity

Retailer customer loyalty campaign
Team work was an essential part of the campaign
The campaign intranet promoted employee engagement and uploading of photos and videos
Printed items were displayed around the retail centre to promote the campaign
BMW customer loyalty campaign video encouraging employee engagement

Let’s get fruity


Customer loyalty at BMW Group retailers needed to improve.  It made commercial sense as well: every 1% increase in customer service is equivalent to a 5% cost saving.


We created a week’s engagement campaign based around different fruit.  Each retailer was sent a ‘goody bag’ with daily fun activities such as building a bridge out of straws, a true or false game as well as business oriented tasks.  Each day they were invited to log on to a microsite to watch a programme from Head Office talking about the importance of retention.  Throughout the week retailers uploaded hundreds of photos, blogs and videos of their activities.  Research showed 96% participation and a two percentage point increase in loyalty.